May 17, 2009

9th Ave Food Festival

Pin It now! this isn't wedding related, but i couldn't gloss over the best food festival in nyc! this weekend was the 9th avenue food festival that runs from 42nd street to 57th st. it's not any street fair. it's 15 blocks of the best samples of international food in the city. every year me, fi and our gluttonous friends prepare for it. there were the delicious regulars - fried oreos, alligator sausage and jambalaya from delta, gyros from uncle nick's, bbq from dalton's, thai food, fruit smoothies, grilled corn on the cob. there were also new additions that were just as yummy - skirt steak sandwiches from chimichurri, brazilian food food from bossa nova and deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. i can't wait until next year!

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