June 29, 2009

I Was Showered with Love

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{my sister and i}
sunday was my bridal shower and i had a fabulous time. the theme was dessert and wine, and we had so many sweets and bottles of wine.

we played the toilet paper bride game and it was so much fun. i was on team 2 (yay team 2!). everyone was really into it, and it was hilarious to see the brides. we didn't win, but one of my aunties did. she was having a great time.

i had my reservations about opening presents, but my sister and mom made a personalized bridal bingo game to get everyone through it with lots of fun.

it was amazing that my friends trekked from the city to my parents' house in nj, my cousins and aunties came, and fi's family were there to party. my sister was a great hostess (although she was a bit late since she got caught in traffic coming back with the rest of the desserts). we had so much wine and dessert, and it was all really yummy.
my jersey girlsmy aunties

my city girls
some of my cousin-in-laws
my soon to be in-laws
we fit everyone at the party in one pic!sophia was just the cutest!
{thanks to lorraine for taking some of these pictures with that fabulous camera}

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