June 20, 2009

Spring Shower

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my good friend had her bridal shower today. it was such a good time! we had yummy cake from carlo's bakery and cupcakes from buttercup bake shop. her moh and bridesmaids set up the game "where in the world is l?". they put together a slideshow of different places she's been with and without her fi, and we had to name that city, state or country. she and her fi are world travelers and it was so cute to have her friends and family reminisce about where they've been.
our moms went to college together along with a few other of my girlfriends' parents and we've been friends since we've been born. we all grew up together, celebrated birthdays and holidays with each others' families. now we can share our weddings together (and i'm sure our moms secretly wish us all to have kids at the same time too!).

here's me and my mommy :)