June 8, 2009

You're Invited - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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our invitations are out! i took them to the post office on friday and they are out of my hands. good riddance! i love love love how they came out, but they were a labor of love with lots of mistakes, frustration, and lessons learned along the way.

if i were to do it again....

1. i wouldn't buy a printer just b/c one person on a wedding website loved it and swore by it. do your homework! make sure you on can print any size paper and on any size envelope. a photo printer does not equal a better printer.

2. now i know kinko's can cut paper to any size and will charge you by the CUT, not by each piece of paper you cut.

3. thicker envelopes don't mean they're better. sometimes they mean you won't be able to print on them

4. family will always be there for you....to create a beautiful design and invitation concept; to help you cut, glue, and seal; to use their work printer until it was on its last legs to make sure all the envelopes were properly printed.

5. start early. changes will me made (esp. at the last minute when fi suddenly decides the wording isn't what it should be). delays with delivery will happen. things will always take longer than you think. the post office doesn't have enough stamps (for real!).

6. you can create something beautiful from scratch and on your own without burning a whole through your wallet. you just need inspiration, patience, time, support, a kitchen table and a big glass of wine.

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