July 14, 2009

Village Food Tour

Pin It now! FI loves his food. he created a list of places we should try and we did a food tour from the west village to the east village.

we started at salt and batter for fish and chips (or in our case, just fish). then headed next to wogies for garbage bread. beer break at blind tiger ale. then korean bulgogi-kimchee hotdogs

cream puffs at beard papa's. we tried all 6 kinds (vanilla, mocha, green tea, chocolate, eclair and fondant au chocolate)

then tako yaki at otafuku

then everyone needed a beer break and we stopped off at solas. s and j went to find mexican corn (slathered with butter, cheese and red chili)

fries were next at pommes frites. we got the wasabi mayo, ketchup/mayo and parmesan dipping sauces

we were "scheduled" to get pizza at artichoke but the line was too long so we went across the street to our last stop - crocodile lounge for more beer and free pizza.

by the end of the day, we were all stuffed and exhausted. it was worth it though! my favorites of the day were the fish from salt and batter and they korean hotdog. we were already thinking of places for our next tour.

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