August 25, 2009

NYC Blogs

Pin It now! just like me, this blog has lost its identity. ok fine, i'm being dramatic. lately, drama is my middle name so keep up with me! i'm not sure if this is still a wedding blog. it might have turned into a nyc blog. who knows, but the benefit of having your own blog is that you can do whatever you want with it. today, it's an nyc blog, which means we get to see our other favorite nyc blogs. yay!

brian dubé's new york daily photo is fantastic. it is exactly what it sounds like...a photo of a part of new york city delivered to you daily. he captures the city so well and includes history lessons.

obviously gothamist has to be included. who else is going to give you the latest nyc gossip or tell you that Godzilla, snapping turtle was relocated into prospect park from the brooklyn botanical gardens?

nycbloggers isn't a blog, but i still think it's cool. it's a a catalogue of nyc blogs and you can register your nyc blog on the website by your subway station. i haven't registered and i can't decide whether i should log myself under the A/C/B/D's columbus circle station or the N's 57th street station.

melissa plaut is/was a nyc taxi driver and blogged about her experiences at newyorkhack and then wrote book about it, hack. she hasn't blogged in awhile since her book came out, but it's a great view of the city, especially since most of us take taxis so much.

overheard in new york is a collection of conversations overheard in ... (wait for it) york. fine, it's not a blog either, but it's still fun.

the ny times has the city room blog. love it! btw, they're rolling out hybrid garbage trucks in september.

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