September 9, 2009


Pin It now! what 9 things did you do on 9/9/09?

1. started my day at 5am
2. took a cab to work because it was still dark out, became sad that the summer is coming to an end and the cold cold nyc winter is just around the corner
3. had a yummy cup of cream of tomato soup from hale and hearty for lunch and then felt guilty for spending so much money on a 8oz cup of soup
4. worked my butt off at work and earned some i tell hubby every morning "i'm going to make the donuts"
5. picked up some groceries
6. used the oven to cook leftover baby back ribs (hubby wasn't home or else he would have hated me using the oven while it was still summertime!)
7. watched obama give his health care speech to congress...and he was heckled!
8. watched the premiere of so you think you can dance...and i heckled them
9. realized that on this special day, it was just like any other day.

other people got married...even though it was a wednesday. who doesn't want to get married on a memorable date though? we got married on 8/8 (and on hubby's birthday) and everyone said it was easier for him to remember. 9/9/09 grooms better not forget their anniversary!

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