September 23, 2009

My Post-Wedding Chop

Pin It now! i really didn't want to be the newly-married wife that got the post-wedding chop and looked like the old married wife. so many newlyweds do the short hair after getting married, and i'm not exactly sure why.

i did it though. i cut it off! i loved my hair long, but it was getting so heavy that i felt like it was dragging my head down. and i always tied it up in a ponytail at work which i hated because i felt like i didn't have any style. plus, i didn't want to be known at work as the ponytail lady. i was also hesitant because my hubby has said on multiple occassions in the last few months that he loves my hair long. when i first met him he always told me he liked short hair, but since the i started growing my hair long for the wedding, he's been liking that much better. sorry hubby!

so i went to salon ziba and told my hairstylist jeffrey (a cantonese guy that i love!) i needed a change, but a stylish one. double brownie points for jeffrey!



btw, they give 15% off for corporate discounts. all i had to do is mention the company i work for and i got $7 off. with tax and tip, my cut was less than $50. nice for a nyc salon!


missemi said...

i love it!! :)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i love the new haircut - it's so fresh and clean!