September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze

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i just heard that patrick swayze passed away after his long fight against pancreatic cancer. he's been sick for awhile, but knowing that he has died is still so sad and shocking. although he made numerous movies, the most iconic one for me and my friends was "dirty dancing". to say that this was just a movie doesn't give it justice. not to be too dramatic, but it was a part of our lives. i remember my parents wouldn't let us watch it when it first came out in 1987 since i was only 9 years old. but as we got older, the girls and i would watch it over and over again. we would imitate all the dance routines on one of the sidewalks of the side street down from my house. we made our parents take us to a dirty dancing show in atlantic city. we sat all the way in the back and could hardly see the stage even with binoculars, but it was the best show ever.

besides dirty dancing (which had a huge impact on me, but not the only defining event in his life), i love patrick swayze because he and his wife were together for 34 years. in hollywood years, that nearly an eternity, but a true testament to love.

we'll miss you...

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missemi said...

oh the memories! :) sad :(