September 27, 2009

Sunday Coffee

Pin It now! while hubby was off watching football today, i did what any nyc domesticated housewife would do on a sunday...go to starbucks. i know, i know - i'm supposed to be thrifty and talked about "feeding the pig". i can't seem to kick this caffeine addiction though and my love for starbucks vanilla lattes. there is something satisfying about getting something that is $3.81 that is worth so much less, something that i can't make at home and tastes absolutely delicious. so after feeling guilty, i researched capaccino/latte machines online and how much i would save if i bought a machine and made the lattes at home. when hubby gets home, i tell him my ingenious plan of saving thousands of dollars by making lattes at home. he responds by saying that i should just stop drinking coffee period and it's all in my head that i "need" the latte. what! kick the one addiction in this country that won't put you in rehab. ridiculous!

but...hubby has a point. do i really need that satisfaction of carrying a starbucks cup around town? (yes.) should i quit the caffeine habit that i've tried so many other times to do before (yes.) is it really in my head that i "need" a latte? (yes, but there are a lot of other things in my head too.)

i'm definitely addicted - caffeine headaches, jonseing for that nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning (or else i'm cranky for the rest of the day). SO...starting oct. 1 i'm kicking the habit, or at least trying to. yes, i'm giving myself a few days to reflect and accept the fact that it's coming.

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