October 4, 2009

Any Given Sunday

Pin It now! while hubby was away in philadelphia for the weekend, i stayed over my brother's place in jersey city. this is how we started our sunday morning...with delicious coffee brewed in a coffee press and half & half from an udder creamer. yes, that creamer has udders. my brother has the most unique, almost kitschy, things. loved it though!
then i made fish tacos for dinner when hubby got home. from scratch! with no recipe!
i breaded cut pieces of cod and pan friend them. then i put together the tacos using the smaller tortillas, layered the fish, some salsa and lettuce, and voila! super delicous.

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Jason Chu said...

ha, I made your blog (and thanks for the link to my work blog)

theyre not kitschy, theyre treasures of modern design