November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pin It now! happy thanksgiving everyone!!

i love thanksgiving. it's a time for family and food. it marks the beginning of the holiday season. i'm IN LOVE with the holidays in new york. the feeling of holiday cheer and the warmth that all the decorated stores and lights create make me warm and fuzzy all over. i love hearing christmas songs on the radio. it's so bad that every year after NYE, i'm in holiday withdrawal. but the holidays are here again!!
thanksgiving was great! i went to get coffee in the morning while hubby was making his potato side dishes and stopped by to watch the parade. it's fabulous that the macy's thanksgiving parade is literally two blocks away from our apartment!

we then headed out to hubby's cousin's house in new jersey for our first thanksgiving meal - quiche, artichoke dip, proscuitto wrapped breadsticks, pepperoni and olives. i love hubby's family - they're fun, really family-oriented and make fabulous food. then we were off to my parents' for our full thanksgiving dinner. this year more people than usual celebrated at my parents' house. it's usually my parents, my brother and sister, and me and hubby. this year we hosted dinner with two family friends and their kids and my aunt, uncle and cousin from boston. my mom brined the turkey with a recipe she followed from martha stewart and brined for a full 24 hours this year. we had a rib roast, shrimp, stuffing, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and homemade cream of mushroom soup. the cream of mushroom soup is also a tradition. i can't remember when we started making it for thanksgiving but it's a must every year, and we only have it once a year since it's creamy and deadly.

my sister was singing "cinderella, cinderella..." while i was washing the dishes. thanks for helping!

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