November 30, 2009

Our New Apartment

Pin It now! ok, it's not "new". we were debating whether we should stay in the apartment for another year or not. pros: lots of space, convenient to everything, we both walk to work, in our price range, quiet neighbors. cons: older building and older apartment. obviously the pros outweighed the cons, but we both needed a change. so..."we" (meaning michael) vaccuumed all the corners and footboards which made it a thousand times cleaner. we moved around our furniture and made a lot more room. i put up new pictures on the walls. we ordered more artwork and lighting and changed our curtains. we also bought a new tv (!) and took advantage of cyber monday. whew! i tried taking pictures of the new space but it doesn't look very photogenic. here's a photo of the frames i put up with photos from the waterfalls they put under the bridges last year and a wall of bottles from the brooklyn brewery. (i heart ny!) to see everything else, you'll just have to visit!

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