November 14, 2009

Sake Tasting at Sakegura

Pin It now! last night, the girls and i went for sake tasting at sakagura in midtown. the restaurant is hard to find and in the basement of an office building, but once inside, it's a great place. em and i have been trying to do sake tasting for a long time and we finally started finding places (and going there!) to try different kinds of sake. our first one was my favorite - m-something - and it was deliciously smooth. the second one was a little dryer and according to the waiter, fruity, but we couldn't tell the difference. the food was really good too: chicken meatballs, cod, shrimp sticks, eggplant three ways. and of course we had dessert: chocolate souffle, black sesame creme brulee, and black sesame and green tea truffles. i would definitely go back for more!


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