December 28, 2009

The Princess Diaries, Norah Jones, and my Love

Pin It now! i'm watching The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. yes, i really am and i'm loving it. i never watched the first one, but i'm sure it's just as good. there's a scene where anne hathaway is dancing with cutie chris pine (from the new star trek) and norah jone's version of love me tender is playing and it's beautiful.

i'm listening to the song and it makes me realize that i'm totally in love with hubby. i know it's silly because i know i'm in love with him and it's not as if i just realized this for the first time, but listening to this song had such a profound emotional love reaction for me. as the awkward dorky girl growing up, i always hoped to find my prince charming and it still amazes me that i found him.

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