December 5, 2009

The Seamstress

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we got a sewing machine for our wedding (thanks yael & bryan!) and i LOVE it. ok, i only used it once (tonight), but the fact that i have my very own makes me feel grown-up and like a wife. it's strange that certain items can make me feel like a wife. anyway...tonight i sewed my own pillows.

i have to provide background to all this fuss about sewing. my mom is the most amazing seamstress. she can sew just about anything and everything turns out perfect. she used to make our clothes until we figured out it wasn't cool. she hems like a professional. she fixed my sister's dress and my red dress for the wedding. i just can't say enough about my mom and her sewing skills. this is why i'm amazed and sad at myself when it took me two hours to sew a set of pillows. she would have done it in 15 minutes! when i called her last week and told her i bought fabric (from paron fabrics where she goes to get all her fabrics), she was so proud. it's funny how she's so accomplished in this skill but she's proud of me for just attempting. i love her!
here are the pillows. before in black...after in red polka dots


missemi said...

the fabric's so cute! good job on your sewing job :) i still can't sew.. ><;

Yael said...

Girl, you are amazing! Most people in our generation never even bother to sew a button! I am waiting for you to hone your craft so you can teach me one day ;)


And the pillows look fabs.