February 27, 2010

A Proper Breakfast

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i've only cooked a few times since i've been here. reasons - i'm lazy, cooking for one is no fun, i really don't know how to cook well on an electric range, and i'm lazy. i did takeout (or should i say take away) a lot at the beginning. then i started getting prepared meals from waitrose or marks & spencer. then i started getting tired of non-homecooked meals so i bought food to cook and just popped it in the oven. again, being lazy, it was much easier to put the pork chops, potatoes and veggies in the oven than cooking them on the stovetop. finally after 6 weeks, i made my first proper meal...a delicious cured bacon and egg sandwich on toasted and buttered 7 grain bread. i know, all you cooks out there are laughing at me for posting about a simple meal! haha, it was delicious though and i remember now what i like to cook.

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