March 29, 2010

Food Poisoning

Pin It now! i got food poisoning. friday night i got home and had a banana and a mini brioche from m&S while i was putting dinner in the oven (potatoes and carrots). it was already 8:30 and i was tired and hungry. while the food was in the oven, i laid down for a bit and it just hit me. bam! ok, you know how food poisoning goes so i won't go into details. now fast's monday morning and thank goodness i can work from home. i'm just tired and hungry, but still can't eat anything more than ramen noodles and bread. mmm, i'm dreaming of our trip to paris this weekend. i better be better by then! i hate the feeling of helplessness and hunger. anyway, i'm a trooper so no more complaining. just lots of water, tea and rest as my mom and dad always say.

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missemi said...

oh no!! i hope you're feeling better :( you definitely can't be sick for Paris!