May 22, 2010

First Yankee Game of the Season!

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one of the first dates hubby and i went on was to a yankee game. then we got a the $5 per game nosebleed seats for a couple of seasons. last year, probably because the stadium was brand new, we couldn't get affordable seats and didn't go to any games at all. yay for $5 seat tickets again! on thursday, hubby and i went to the new yankee stadium for our first game there. the new stadium is fabulous. we were in the 300 section and there are ledges all along the top of the section where you can stand and eat and drink. it's much more open with a lot more room to walk and there are so many more concession stands.
i was hoping i would get on the jumbo tron. i want to cross one thing off my bucket list! i can't wait - we have 3 more games!

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