May 10, 2010

Fish Tacos again...

Pin It now! have you seen those GE electrolux appliance commercials with kelly ripa where she makes a fabulous meal for her dinner party, whips up dessert for her kids' slumber party and cleans everything up in 5 seconds with the help of her fabulous and ultra-expensive appliances....i want to be this fabulous kelly ripa-like wife. in reality though, when i get home from work, i'm exhausted and so un-creative for dinner. all i can think of cooking is turkey burgers or stir-fry. tonight i wanted to snap out of it. i rumaged through smitten kitchen recipes, and finally got inspired by fish tacos. when in doubt, make fish tacos. it's so easy and totally delicious...tonight i used cod instead of tilapia since the tilapia at whole foods looked a little fishy.

my point...get creative! we all can't be like the fake commercial kelly ripa, but we can make our hubby's happy by simply making fish tacos.

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