June 29, 2010

Are you a Twi-Hard?

Pin It now! if you know what a twi-hard is, it's likely that you are one.  i, on the other hand, am not, but i was lucky enough to go watch a pre-screening of the new twilight movie, eclipse.  i haven't read any of the books and haven't seen the first two movies, but after watching eclipse, i'm tempted to start.  sort of.  the movie is definitely targeted for a girl 15 years younger than me.  also, the fact that taylor lautner and his pack of werewolves go shirtless for the whole movies isn't appealing because he's 18 years old in real life!  that weirds me out since i'm closer to being a couger than a tween.  there were also a lot of pauses...you know, those acting tactics to make the scene more emotional or more intense.  i thought they just made it awkward.  i'm not going to dampen anyone's (twi-hard's) parade though, and there were a lot of them.   as we left the movie we saw lines of people waiting for the midnight showing.   so are you on team edward or team jabob?!

after the movie, joan and i headed over to french tuesday's annual white party.  how cool did i feel...i felt like i was in some secret exclusive club.   plus, doesn't p.diddy host a white party out in the hamptons?  (ok, you're right, i really don't think p.diddy is cool.)  french wife and husband, joan and clement were kind enough to invite me out (you don't have to be french to be a member or attend the parties) and we had champagne out on the 15th floor terrace of the hudson hotel with hundreds of other french, international, and wannabes dressed in white.  it was a fabulous nyc night!

btw, how do all these fabulous events fit into my spending hiatus, you ask?  they were both free.  the pre-screening twilight tickets were free.  i did spend $4 on snacks from duane reade (two bags of cracker jacks, a bag of sun chips and a bottle of water), but all together it was cheaper than if i bought a bucket of movie popcorn.  the white party was free too!  i'm trying to take advantage of nyc's fabulousness and still stay in budget...tonight definitely let me do that.

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