June 1, 2010

Spending Hiatus

Pin It now! joslyn at simply lovely has been going on a three month spending hiatus for the last two years. how smart and frugal! i love saving money and this is a great inspiration. it'll force me for a short period of time to really focus on what expenses are important (i'm guessing food!) and what are not (new bag!). joslyn did it on a much longer period and she has kids. i'm going to start with one month...and for me, this isn't a complete freeze on spending. it's just a spending freeze on non-essential things. my big thing is coffee so not going to go to starbucks is going to be fantastic on the wallet. i also have to say that hubby is not joining me on this month-long adventure.

it's going to be great though! i love how joslyn wanted a "consumption reset". she elegantly states that sometimes new things are unneccessary and we should appreciate what we already have. i sometimes feel by living in nyc, things are exaggerated and "unnecessary" things become "necessary". i really don't need a $4 cup of coffee every morning. i really don't need another $100 bag. it'll be nice to "reset" and maybe cook more.

day 1 begins now!

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