August 14, 2010

August Birthdays at La Mela

Pin It now! a lot of our friends have august birthdays and it seems that we're surrounded by leos.  since leos love the spotlight and multiple birthday parties, we did an august birthday dinner for all of them at la mela downtown in little italy.  have you been to la mela?  it's fun, boisterous and has a fabulous pre-fixe family style dinner.  fried clams and calamari (pronounced by my italian husband as fried 'galamad'), hot antipasti, mozzarella & tomatoes, three kinds of pasta, three kinds of meat, and mixed plate of dessert.  the birthday boys and girls got a personalized dessert which isn't appropriate for this blog, but let's just say that there were bananas and tartufo involved.

for some reason, there was a young pope statute in the corner of the room watching us eat.  i couldn't resist snapping a photo since it seemed like he was part of the party.