October 18, 2010

The Amazing Maize Maze

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The French asked hubby and I whether we wanted to head to Queens for the Amazing Maize Maze at the Queens County Farm Museum.  They planned everything for us (it was nice to not plan something for once) so of course we said yes and followed them to Queens.  Seriously, I love this city!  It's amazing how many cool things you find to do in a weekend.  The team organizing the event made it into a fun obstacle course where you had to find nine mailboxes that had pieces of a puzzle that made up a picture of the maze.  At the end we were running around like kids with a flag trying get all our pieces.  The French went back again with flashlights after it got dark out.  Loved it!

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JW said...

I was there two weeks ago with the kids I babysit! It was fun and we got through it surprisingly quicker than I thought, but we didn't find all the mailboxes. I can see a lot of divorces happening afterward though. I heard so many angry couples and parents!