November 15, 2010

Grey Couches

Pin It now! I've been obsessing with getting a grey couch for our new apartment.  (By the way, no update on our move.  It's been a full month since we were supposed to close and we still don't have another closing date.  'Sigh'  Buying a new home is definitely a test of patience.)  Anyway, back to decorating my ghost of a living room...grey feels warm and cool at the same time.  It's modern but cozy.  For awhile I wanted a big grey sectional, but as I look at more and more living rooms, I think I want a grey couch sofa with lots of side chairs or a bench or ottoman.  I'm sure I'll change my mind a dozen more times before we actually move (whenever that will be!), but here's what I'm thinking.  So many choices! 

Scandinavian Designs Prague sofa
Scandinavian Designs Must sofa
Crate & Barrel Petrie sofa
The Sugar Monster

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