November 19, 2010

The Holidays, but not just yet...

Pin It now! The holiday windows at Bloomies and Macy's were unveiled tonight.  The shiny Baccarat Crystal Star on 5th Avenue and 57th was lit.  The lights on 6th Avenue are going up.

But let's take a step back for a little bit.  Christmas decorations, holiday songs and Black Friday sales are appearing earlier every year.  (There's a Black Friday sale this entire weekend at Sears!  How can you have Black Friday on a day besides Black Friday??)  I read on a blog (which I can't find now) that we should slow down during the holidays and plan ahead so we fit everything in that we want to do.  Every year I feel like they past us by so quickly and we forget what they're really about.  For me, they're about keeping traditions (making Christmas cookies with my mom), making new ones (decorating the new tree with my new hubby), spending time with family and friends (at least 2 holiday parties invites already!), and helping those who are down on their luck and not as fortunate especially the kids.  On that last point, don't forget, it doesn't take a lot to buy a present or two for a child - I'm headed to TJ Maxx and Toys R Us this weekend (both are having huge sales on toys!).

A few other things on my list to do this holiday season:
-  Holidays shops at Columbus Circle
-  Visiting the tree in Rockefeller Center
-  Lots of baking
-  Watching the holiday laser show in Grand Central
-  Hot Chocolate sampling with my sister
Enjoy it!


missemi said...

omg. can i join you in that hot chocolate sampling?! :p

werica said...

of course!!