December 13, 2010

Cacao Bar and Tea Salon at MarieBelle

Pin It now! My Mom, sister and I met up today for lunch, shopping and hot cocoa.  I had to go into work earlier in the day and had an early appointment, but it's great to be out and about shopping in the city on a weekday.  I love to be able to spend time just with the girls and I'm always reminded how lucky I am to have a sister.  I know I've said it tons of times, but even though she's much younger than me, she always tells it how it is and is the ultimate reality check.
Our shopping adventure today...We started out in Chinatown, did a little jewelry shopping for Christmas, headed north to Soho, and then ended our shopping with a delicious pitshop at MarieBelle's Cacao Bar and Tea Salon.  They don't have your normal Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate.  Their drinks are pure melted chocolate, and it was wonderful!

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