March 21, 2011

Half Marathon and the Rest of the Weekend

Pin It now! Remember Cyndi and Jane were fundraising for their half marathon?  All of their training paid off this weekend for the NYC 2011 Half Marathon.  We non-runners scoped out a spot at 14th Street and West Side Highway at the 11 mile mark and cheered on all the runners.  They were amazing!  I'm exhausted after a mile and a half so a half marathon is definitely amazing.  By the time C & J passed us, it didn't look like Cyndi broke a sweat at all.  So proud of the two of them.

While C & J were resting and preparing for their race on Saturday, me, hubby and Joan spent a lazy day by the pool and drank wine all afternoon. Yeah, the total opposite of an athlete. I felt like we were on vacation, but happily we were right downstairs. For dinner, we ended our somewhat buzzed day at d.o.c. The restaurant is a cozy Italian wine bar with delicious rustic food. I had a bresaola panini (sound familiar?) and shared homemade meatballs. Since we drank wine most of the day, we skipped more drinking, but that just means we need to go back again to sample!

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