April 18, 2011

Home Stuff (for Less)

Pin It now! My sister and I braved the torrential rain on Saturday for a full day of shopping.  I bought a little too much and she was sweet enough (aka obligated because there were no taxis) to help me carry all my new goodies to her apartment for safe keeping until I have the chance to lug it all home.  We stopped by TJ Maxx (of course) and I saw a few things that were definitely good buys and similar to other much more expensive items.  I didn't buy either thing, but it's good to know that you can get a fabulous item for less.

TJ Maxx ceramic cutout bowl - $12.99
Small Lace Bowl from Etsy seller isabelleabramson - $185

TJ Maxx ceramic egg crate - $4.99
Farmer's egg crate from Anthropologie - $14.99

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