April 5, 2011

Our First Place: Living Room Art Update

Pin It now! I was trying to get creative (key words "trying to") and be resourceful with the art in our living room.  The art and framed prints I saw in C&B and WE were upwards of $250 so I figured I would try to recreate some pieces and save myself a few bucks.  I saw gorgeous turquoise and gold paper at Lee's Art Shop on sale a few weeks ago and wanted to make a framed two-part art piece to hang above the couch.  I had two silver IKEA frames to use, but unfortunately the combination of colors was off.  Mixing the silver in the frame and the gold in the paper wasn't working.  I also didn't like how the black or white frame looked with the paper, and I don't think a natural wood frame matches either, so I'm at loss with options.  I'm going to save the paper for some later use, use the frames for our Buddha card and Brooklyn scenes (photos coming soon), and just give in and buy art for our walls.  'Sigh'  I imagine myself as this fabulous DIY-er with fabulous DIY and interior decorating skills.  In the meantime, I'm ordering these two pieces to decorate the walls.

I want the living room to be neutral with pops of turquoise blue, yellow and green.  Since the den is red and brown, I wanted a different color scheme for this room and make it really bright and cheery.  The sideboard we bought from C&B and that we're using as a bar and buffet will be delivered next week, so once that and the art pieces are set up, the room will be mostly done and ready for entertaining.  It'll still need a side table, side chair(s) and a rug.  I'm eyeing this nightstand from cb2 as the side table, although it might be too much blue with the artwork:

Here's the runner up that almost made it to our walls.  I'll share photos of the near finished LR with y'all next week.

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