April 25, 2011

The Weekend

Pin It now! The weather is finally feeling like Spring.  It's probably because the winter was so LONG and so SNOWY that the first sign of warmth and green was certainly welcomed.  It was rainy all day Saturday, but the sun (and humidity) was out on Sunday.  The trees and flowers are all blooming and after a full day of rain, it's was so green in Jersey.  Even though I grew up in the burbs, I had forgotten how beautiful central Jersey can be in the Spring.  It even smells beautiful (keep your stinky Jersey jokes to yourself!).  Complete side note:  Another reason to love the suburbs - drive-thru Starbucks.  Love it!

Chocolate (and maybe a little shopping) was definitely the focus of the weekend, especially for me and my sister.  The two of us got through almost a pound and a half of chocolate in three days.  Ok, everyone else helped a little, but it might have mostly been my sister and I go through and "testing" what each piece was.  Oh, it was so delicious, and it doesn't count since it was gourmet chocolate!  My Mom brought home a box of Swiss chocolates from Laderach and I had a box of Fran's Chocolate from Seattle. 

Hubby went to D.C. to visit a friend and of course he took great pictures too.  It also helped that it turned out to be just as beautiful a weekend there despite the early rain.

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