June 14, 2011

East River Ferry

Pin It now! The East River Ferry has come to north Williamsburg!  Yesterday the ferry started its free two week service and you know I was there to take advantage.  The ride in the morning was amazing!  It was a much more pleasant ride than the elbow-to-elbow commute I've been taking on the L train, and it was much shorter than I expected (35 minutes door to door).  Oh, and there was free coffee on the boat! 
I'm going to test this freebie out for the next two weeks and if all goes well, it might be the perfect substitute for my subway commute.  I'm hoping!  People on the subway are starting to really tick me off.  Some people (to be fair, I said "some", not all) have 1) no sense of personal space - they will constantly knock into you but not feel a thing; 2) no sense of personal hygiene - especially relevant now that summer is approaching; 3) no sense of  of decency - as I was walking up the subway stairs, I saw a guy look up a girl's skirt as she walked up the stairs. Gross.

On our way back home though, this was the ridiculously long line at 34th Street.  I'm hoping it's only crowded because it's free for these next two weeks.

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