July 13, 2011

My Four Summer Items

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There are certain things this summer that I can't seem to live without it feeling truly like summer:
  • Sun tan lotion.  I know, there was a song about it and you hear the same old story - wear sunscreen!  30 SPF or higher, the higher the better.  I was slathering tubs of the stuff all last week.  There's also a new product from Neutrogena that sprays on wet skin, sweat and all, and it's fabulous.  Essential when you're at the beach or pool all day.
  • Bright nail polish.  Bright summer colors always make me feel happy and well-groomed so I've been doing my nails every week.  Something about a bright pop of fuchsia screams summer.  And I've been really good about doing my own.  Not only does this save a LOT of money, it also gives me peace of mind that I'm in a clean environment and won't catch anything nasty.  A neighbor of ours caught an infection after getting a manicure the other day and has a gross abscess on her finger.  Ok, not every place is gross, but I'm terrified of picking something up from the nail salon.
  • Fedora hat.  I bought one of these cuties at a street stand that sells sunglasses and I Love NY t-shirts, among other things.  I adore the hat because it shades my eyes and more importantly, protects my scalp which always seems to burn.  Hopefully it prevents a few wrinkles and sunspots too.  I think fedoras might already be "so-last-year" but it's serving me well so far.
  • Kmart shoes.  Sometimes I'm a little embarrassed admitting where I buy some of the things I get because they're not designer or cool.  Only slightly embarrassed though because bottom line, I like to spend less!  Like these shoes from Kmart.  There were only $15.  Slightly shy admitting where they're from...but they're ridiculously comfortable and make me feel like I fit into Brooklyn when I wear them.  They remind me of the slip-on shoes we wore in the 90's.

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