August 9, 2011

The Easiest Sangria Recipe

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Everyone knows you need a pitcher (or two) of sangria to help you get through the hot summer weekends.  Here's my foolproof white sangria recipe. 

1 bottle of white wine (the fruitier the better)
Lemon lime soda
Fruit - any kind works. I like peaches and nectarines be size they're crunchy.  Frozen berries work well too.

1 - Cut up any seasonal fruit.
2 - Pour the bottle of wine into a pitcher.  Add your fruit.  Fill the rest of your pitcher with the soda.  Add ice and/or frozen fruit.
3 - drink right away or let the fruit soak for an hour or two. Either way it's delicious.

* For larger parties, it might be more economical to buy the magnum size bottles of wine.  If you do that, pour wine about 3/4 of the pitcher full and refill with wine and soda as needed. 

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