November 11, 2011


Pin It now! Since repetitive dates or any kind of crazy time/interval/sporadic phenomenon are cause for celebration and seem magical, here are 11 things that have been extraordinary lately (all in their own little way):
  1. Someone drilled tiny holes in the sidewalk by our apartment and they sparkle with light at night. It's like a constellation in the sidewalk. Either it's lit up underground, someone filled it with iridescent somethings, or it's fairy magic (I like to think it's the last explanation).
  2. A full moon tonight.
  3. Sitting on a bus taking us to a Costa Rican resort, listening to Jack Johnson with my husband and friends, and thinking life is wonderful right now.
  4. My boss telling me after I return from vacation that she can't imagine how she can get through all the work without me.
  5. A boxer puppy on the subway platform being carried by its owner and getting enough attention from other riders to last him the rest of the month.
  6. Katy Perry songs
  7. Watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean with my favorite person 5 days in a row.
  8. Having the US Customs agent at the airport tell us "welcome home" as we arrived back in NY and knowing that it's good to be home.
  9. Taking out and wearing my warm wool bootie slippers for the winter.
  10. Knowing that there are jerks (yeah, you neighbor who kicked us out of your Halloween party because we didn't bring alcohol) and finding the good people through all the mess.
  11. Actually being content.

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