December 6, 2011

Urban Exhaustion

Pin It now! Apartment Therapy posted an article few weeks ago about how living in a big city can be exhausting and you have to finds ways to get away and relax to keep your sanity, even if it's retreating to your apartment for the weekend.  Living in NYC is definitely stressful and can take its toll.  From high-stress jobs and high standard of living to the tourists (apparently the greatest number of tourists ever this year), noise, grime, crime...  I hate the honking (although I can sleep through ambulance sirens) and the $11 lunches.  I wouldn't trade it for a quieter and slower living and love the flow and pace of the city, but it definitely can become exhausting sometimes. 

This blog has certainly helped in beating the New York City urban exhaustion.  By chronicling our life here and finding hidden gems to visit/eat/photograph, it makes the city more unique.  It feels like all my own that I get to explore.  I think moving out of Manhattan has helped too.  Brooklyn, especially Williamsburg, is its own beast and even though it can crowded, I love walking down the street and seeing only 6 story townhouses - no skyscrapers!

So how do you beat the city exhaustion?

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