December 11, 2011

The Weekend

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How was your weekend?  I never thought I would say it, but I'm excited it's gotten colder.  It didn't feel like December (or the holidays for that matter) with 60 degree weather.  Now that it's 30s/40s and windy, I feel like we can enjoy our holidays Northeast style.  I started the (long) weekend with a gift wrapping party at work.  Every year, our division holds a toy drive and then we have a party to wrap all the toys.  It was as close to Santa's workshop (with beer and chips) as we could get.  We wrapped 350 gifts and now they're off to the Children's Rescue Fund.  Now if only I can motivate my neighbors to donate more than the 12 gifts we have right now for our building toy drive...

We also had a building holiday party.  Seriously, this place is amazing...the holiday party had a sushi station, pasta station and a band.  It was nice to mingle but there are so many more people that have moved in that we didn't know.  It was nice when we knew all our neighbors and people in the elevator, but it's starting to feel like the large building it really is and can get lost in. 

And I stumbled on the Holiday Train Show in the Grand Central's NY Transit Museum Annex.  I've been trying to go every year, but couldn't seem to find the tiny store.  Finally, as I was trying to make my way home before our holiday party (first trying to catch the ferry connecting bus but missing it even after tracking the bus with the website's gps, then walking the entire Grand Central Terminal, and connecting twice on the subway), I found my way to the train show.  So cute...there's something about miniature scenes that are so wonderful.

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