July 25, 2012

The Last Few Weekends

Pin It now! A couple of weekends ago (yes, I'm still catching up from a few weeks ago!), we caught Grand Street Walks where they closed Grand Street off for a block party.  Allison and I really wanted to get our face painted but the line (with other children) was too long.  Next time.  We celebrated Bastille Day with bottles of champagne, macaroons, and lots of photos with berets (yeah, not sterotypical at all).
Michael and I also ventured out with Annie and Pauly B to South Williamsburg.  After a wardrobe malfunction delayed us, we began our ad-hoc crawl at Crown Victoria.  It's hilarious and amazing discovering random places - who knew there was a huge backyard lot in the middle of no where and where hipsters come early to drink and play cornhole?  We eventually made it to our original destination, Bia Bar & Grill, and pleasantly stuffed ourselves with Vietnamese food (minus the bahn mi, not on the menu, strange).  We did manage to shoot a Cowboy Mimosa though.  Because we apparently have a food addiction and find friends who suffer from the same ailment, we ended our night with late night eats at La Esquina.
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