September 6, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Back in July (yes, I'm still catching up on July!), on what seemed like the hottest day of the season, Michael and I spent the day at Brooklyn Bridge Park.  So fun!  We boarded the ferry, which took us on a wonderful trip down the East River with gorgeous views of all three bridges, and we hopped off in Dumbo.  We started the trek with ice cream from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and water from a city fire hydrant water fountain courtesy of the City of New York.


The park is a windy mess of small paths and large lawns and after some back and forth walking, we found the Tobacco Factory and Jane's Carousel.  Then lunch at Bubby's and much need air conditioning since we were melting.  It makes such a difference when you're off from work on a random weekday and take a small adventure.  No crowds and it's so quiet.

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