September 12, 2012

{travel log} Dominican Republic

Pin It now! For our annual we-can't-take-this-NY-winter-anymore trip, we traveled to the Dominican Republic.  All we wanted to do was eat and drink for five days in the sun.  We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana so we didn't have to think about where we were going to go for our next meal.  It was so easy and perfect.  I brought Kitchen Confidential and a few Martha Stewart Living issues to read on the trip and was content with just sitting under the shaded canopy after our breakfast buffet reading or napping until our next meal or a swim in the pool.  We repeated this routine of relaxation for five days.  It was heaven.

Michael and I did do a little paddleboating (a little too far one day and almost hit a sunken rowboat), kayaked, shopped in the mini mall, played some board games, explored the grounds (the resort was huge with at least 2-3 hotels and we had to take a tram to get around), and saw some shows (one of which was a Michael Jackson impersonator who we think was actually a woman).  It was great to disconnect from the world (literally since we didn't have cell service).  It was exactly what we needed and such a wonderful place.  When we first arrived and walked into the atrium, we looked at each other and both said we have to come back again.

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