December 12, 2012


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Today's date and it's distinctness won't happen again in our lifetimes - the next time the stars align will be Jan. 1, 2101.  So hopefully you're enjoying this fab day (and watching the 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy tonight!) and don't take it for granted.  Just like last year, here are 12 random and wonderful things that come to mind to remind me how special today (and every other day) is.   In no particular order...
  1. Breakfast for dinner.
  2. Discovering how Elf on a Shelf works (and thinking it's a little creepy) but still completely fascinated even though I don't have kids.
  3. Taco truck crawl and the fact that you can do that in my gentrified neighborhood.
  4. Hurricane Sandy - just remembering how devastating a storm can be but reminiscing how wonderful this city and the Jersey shore can be too, growing up and today as people rebuild.
  5. My Mom becoming emotional after my brother, sister and I each sent her a photo of our Christmas trees this year.  She was so happy we each are keeping up with her Christmas spirit and tradition, even if it's only a small bit of what she's done.
  6. The Happiness Project. (Just do it)
  7. Songs you hear again that bring you back to where you first heard them.  This one plays on the radio all the time and brings me back to our Dominican Republic trip earlier this year (they played it all day long and all I imagine are sun, beach and pina coladas).
  8. Zombies and disaster preparedness. 
  9. How amazed I always become at this fabulous city.  Staring out my 37th floor office kitchen pantry and looking north to see the entire island of Manhattan, Staten Island, and my apartment building in Brooklyn (pretty cool).  Jason Mraz's comment at his concert the other night that he was in MSG - even fab artists are proud to perform in NYC's MSG for the first time.
  10. Navigating the challenges in being myself while moving out of my comfort zone at my new job.  
  11. Hearing a full stadium chant "Brook-lyn, Brook-lyn" at the new Barclays Center for the new Brooklyn Nets.  How does a team become cool by simply crossing the river?
  12. The Hipsterbread Couple made me giggle today.
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