May 26, 2009

hair & makeup trial

Pin It now! i had a hair & makeup trial with my mom's friend's angela. the half up/half down do came out better than i expected, and i love it! the updo was good too but i really had my heart set on leaving my hair down.

my makeup came out good too. we'll have to tweak it the day of and make it cleaner. i need to find a darker foundation and start with eye shadow primer, but otherwise i was pleased.

*edit* does anyone notice one eye is bigger than the other?! haha, i noticed when i took the picture during the trial. i never knew it was that much bigger than the other. i guess i'm just be self-critical. i bet you see it now though!

1 comment:

theyaelchronicles said...

Oh my goodness- you look GORGEOUS!