May 27, 2009

happy registry

Pin It now! when i first got engaged, everyone asked what i was going to put on my registry. i wanted to collaborate with fi, but eventually it ended up with me putting everything i wanted and fi not wanting anything. i felt bad, but then realized that i would be using most of the stuff anyway so he didn't care less (or as he likes to to say "i don't have a preference").

since i'm never created one before i didn't know where to start. do i put lots of little things like whisks and mushroom cleaners and have people wonder why i don't already have these? do i put lots of big things like (hopefully-to-be-mine) kitchen-aid mixer or a dyson vaccum cleaner and force people to shell out lots of money to stock my kitchen/apt? i did both, but my friend told me i have to add more stuff to it. who knew making a wishlist for your apartment could be so difficult.

one thing that's good is that the bridal shower is one thing i don't have to plan. my darling sister and mother are doing the whole thing. i guess it's supposed to be a surprise, but i already know when and where it is.

and my last thoughts on the registry...i have to admit that i'm excited to get gifts BUT i'm dreading opening all of them in front of people. i've always hated people singing happy birthday to me while i cut my cake. now, even worse is present-opening! i really am not looking forward to the attention.

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