May 27, 2009

not so happy budget

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we've been good about sticking to our budget. i just hope that all my diy and frugal ways have paid off...we booked through elite sound entertainment who is affiliated with our photographer, jessica lauren photography. that combo got us a second photographer. i also asked the dj company for a quote sheet prior to the initial meeting and the 2009 prices increased from the 2008 prices i was emailed and he had to honor that. my dress was a steal since i didn't go with a designer. my chinese dress was bought in HK. my hair and makeup will be done by a family friend. i semi-diy'ed the invitations (thanks to my artist brother!). i'm making the favors, the menus and place cards.

it's amazing how much weddings cost. in the nyc/nj area, it's amazing people don't go broke! on the project wedding forums there are polls that ask how much each of the ladies' weddings cost. there are girls that live in seattle and spending $15,000 for 200 people! i wish! i know nyc's standard of living is higher than almost everywhere else in the country, but give me a break here.

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