August 3, 2009

Checking things off the list

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  • FI booked the trasportation. Haha, we're getting an Escalade because my dress is so darn big.
  • Finalized our vows and sent the final version of our ceremony to our officiant
  • Finalized everything with our DJ - we finally spoke with him after he ditched us a week earlier
  • We met with Milla, our venue coordinator and gave her the final headcount and a boat load of money.
  • I went out with our day of coordinator (DOC) Michelle for dinner on Friday and went through the final details. Thanks Michelle! (I couldn't ask for a more organized person to make sure everything is done on Saturday - haha, besides myself).

But we still have a lot to do!

  • Get our marriage license (yeah, that's biggie!)
  • Clean my jewelry
  • Pick up my dress!
  • Press FI's shirt and polish his shoes
  • Wrap the rest of the presents (officiant, reader, FI)
  • Finalize the seating chart. This is giving me the biggest headache!

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