August 9, 2009

I'm officially Mrs. Michael M!

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i'm married! yesterday was amazing, fun, overwhelming, tiring and about a million other emotions. it's still surreal that we're married and i'm a marrano. we are so lucky to have the family and friends that we have because they all made the day truly beautiful - from the time i left my parents' house in nj to the time we went back to our hotel room after the afterparty. i love saying that michael is my husband and (he's going to hate me for telling) he loves saying wife back to me.

here's the recap...

everyone says that the wedding day flies by in a blur. knowing this, i tried to enjoy every second of the day. luckily i didn't have to get to the hotel until 11am-ish so i slept in until 8:30am. if you know me, you know i love to sleep late...not 1pm slacker late, but a decent 10am on-the-weekends late. 8:30am on your wedding day is a good compromise. once we got to the hotel, i realized that i forgot one of the pieces to the garment rack we brought to hold all the dresses and suits. oops, mistake #1 of the day. my dad improvised and used whatever overnight bags we had to prop up one side...disaster averted! sissi chan, our fabulous make-up and hair artist got there early, found parking, and started right at 11:30am. i made a timeline for the day (and sent it to everyone!) and we were right on time. don't listen to those that know me and say that i'm an obsessive control freak. i like to call it being "super-organized". i think everything went smoothly because of my excessive attention to detail and time, and my bossy pushing.

here's us getting ready at the hotel. sissi chan, the hair and makeup artist was fabulous! i had done a trial with sissi a while back and really liked it, but when she did my hair and makeup on wedding day, i was IN LOVE with it. it was exactly how i imagined i wanted to look.

michael opened up a few gifts i got for him. of course i didn't realize that you need a special shirt for cufflinks. oops.

my gorgeous dress. i loved it!

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Yael said...

Please send lots of pics!!!