August 18, 2009

Hamilton Park and the Ceremony

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after getting ready, we took pictures at hamilton park. the escalade we rented never showed up, but luckily M's sisters have SUVs and were able to ship us all to the park. we couldn't have asked for a more perfect and beautiful day. it wasn't too hot and it didn't rain. we got the gorgeous nyc skyline in our pictures. it almost looked like a fake backdrop. i still can't believe this was M and i. we clean up pretty well!

our darling siblings: jason, rachel, domenica and sandra

our bridal party - alexandra, rachel and deren

we took more pictures with family at the chart house, but those will have to wait until i get some pics from others. then it was time for our beautiful ceremony. i was so overwhelmed when the doors opened and my dad and i had to walk down the aisle. there were so many people and cameras, and i think people started clapping. the dj also used the wrong version of the processional which threw me off. my dad and i kept whispering to each other, but we made it down fine.

i'll post more of the actual ceremony when i find more pictures. here's the end as M and i are walking out. haha, i'm not sure if anyone noticed, but our recessional was the killers "joyride". M loves the song and it's not at all traditional for a wedding, but our entire wedding wasn't traditional and we figured it would be a fun song to leave to.

{{btw, these are pictures from my fabulous friends. hopefully when the professional pictures come in after a couple of weeks, i'll have more. i wish i took more pictures myself, but duty called as a the bride.}}

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