August 19, 2009


Pin It now! after the ceremony, M and i were whisked back to the bridal suite. they brought M a big glass of jamieson, just as he had requested during our last meeting with the venue coordinator. they also brought us a tray of the h'ors dourves we had at the cocktail hour. i was still on a wedding high so i couldn't eat. i realized later in the night that they also brought in a tray from the raw bar, which i missed. if i stayed a few minutes later, i could have enjoyed the one thing i was looking forward to eating! haha, oh well. M was out the door and wanted to drink and mingle. I need a few seconds to catch my breath and then made it out to the cocktail hour. we should have taken more pictures with family but totally forgot! instead we mingled and tried to say hello to everyone.

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