August 19, 2009

Dinner and Dancing

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in germany (according to the german couple that we met on our honeymoon), they wedding party doesn't end until after 4am the next morning. that's how it should be in the states. too bad the wedding industry is such a business where they count every minute you're over the 4-hour mark for the reception. we could have definitely used at least 2 more hours of dancing! during the first dance set, EVERYONE was on the dance floor. it was crazy! i was afraid that we would have a boring wedding, but it was the exact opposite. everyone was eating, drinking and dancing the entire night. at one point while the pasta was being served, i was sitting and just soaking it all in. it finally hit me that this was our wedding. this was the night that we've been planning for the last 17 months. it was amazing and surreal. it was what you watch on tv or in the movies. how lucky were we to have such a fabulous day!

our first dance (i think someone videotaped it...hopefully i'll make it a future post)

our reception menus and placecards! the centerpieces came out great too.

the star of the night...the food!
{courtesy of em}

what do you get when you put together kids and flowers --> a messy dancefloor!

loving my husband after his groom's speech. i hope someone taped that one!

our gorgeous four-tiered vanilla, cannoli-filled cake!

more pictures to come tomorrow!

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