August 23, 2009

The Look for Less

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ever since i was a kid, frugality was a staple in my house. my mom shopped all the sales and never paid full price for things, and she passed this useful skill to me and my sister. i almost never pay full price, try to find discounts for everything and negotiate whenever i can. my sister is a whiz at finding online coupons. why pay more when you can pay less (heard that on a commercial for a store i can't remember. please do sue me!).

there used to be a great show on the style network called the look for less. every episode, someone would take a designer look worth thousands of dollars and recreate the look (usually by shopping at a suburban mall) for much cheaper. loved the show! the show is no longer on, but the concept is genius. to look fabulous in nyc and still maintain a positive balance in my bank account is somewhat easy. by taking my mom's lessons in frugality and the show's model, i love shopping the "look for less".

the first in our "look for less" series...ring bowls. i found paloma's nest on etsy and wished i could convince myself to spend $34 on a ring bowl. look how gorgous it is though! and it was featured on martha stewart!

my ring bowl...$2 at tjmaxx.

ok, it's not the same color or style, but it's just as pretty and serves the same purpose. the point is that you can find what you want at an affordable price. until we hit the $234 million megamillions jackpot, the "look for less" will have to do.

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